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    About the HappyDiggers AMP mod pack

    Be sure to give HappyDiggers AMP at least 2GB or RAM on the FTB client using the OPTIONS menu. See Installation section below for more details.

    Want to be a pirate? Want to go to the Moon? Want to fight scary monsters and loot dungeons? Want to build big bases with loads of high-tech equipment? Want to get into magic and explore the world? Want to get into agriculture? HappyDigges AMP is one of the most versitile and diverse mod packs currently available.
    The HappyDiggers Awesome Mod Pack, or AMP, is a tech oriented pack with a strong focus on the environment. This means that it has technology mods like Thermal Expansion, Steve's Carts 2 and Galacticraft but it also has a lot of mods that change the world in which we play the game like Thaumcraft, Natura, Extra Trees and the Alternate Terrain Generator. With well over 100 mods this is one of the bigger mod packs.
    The world has the most awesome world gen with rolling hills, epic meadows and long beaches. They are filled with a wide variety of biomes that have colorful flowers, butterflies, plants, melons, coral and has a ton of stuff to do for players who want to take a break of the regular tech stuff we see in so many mod packs today.
    If you like diversity, try out HappyDiggers AMP. We did not focus on bringing balance. We focused on giving you a lot of fun stuff to do. You get to choose how you play the game.

    HappyDiggers AMP is in on-going development, meaning we are testing all the mods to see if they work well together, submitting bug reports and applying patches and updates. The following list is subject to change. If you have a good and founded idea about a mod we should include, please let us know.
    Mod list:

    This section contains some screenshots and videos. If you have made something nice you'd like to share, please post it in the thread below and I'll include it here


    HappyDiggers AMP is available on the Feed The Beast launcher which you can download here:
    Run the FTB launcher and click the button "Private Packs" then enter this private code: HappyDiggersAMP and click "add". The mod pack should then appear in the list on the left.

    HappyDiggers AMP is a massive mod pack boasting well over 100 mods. This means you need a fast computer with lots of RAM to run it. Here are the recommended specs to run this pack with everything maxed out:

    • 64-bit OS AND 64-bit Java
    • Intel Core i5 Quad Core / AMD A6 Quad core / or better.
    • 8GB RAM
    • Dedicated graphics card: Nvidia GTX560 / AMD 6950 / or better
    • Use Optifine at your own peril, it is known to cause graphical glitches...

    You are probably able to run it if you computer is less fast or has less RAM then what is recommended. We recommend 4GB as a minimum. However keep in mind that slow downs and lag may occur. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about that.
    Also please keep in mind that these are just recommendations. Your results may vary. Best thing to do is to just try it out and see how well things work for you.
    If you have 8GB or more RAM, please adjust the RAM setting on the FTB launcher to 4GB. The minimum RAM required for the Minecraft instance is 2GB. Keep in mind that your computer needs RAM to keep things other then Minecraft running, so never allocate all your RAM In almost all cases 4GB should be enough.

    When creating a Single Player world, make sure you click More World Options... and then set the World Type to ATG - Alternate.

    Twilight Forest
    AMP comes with config files for Twilight Forest. Unfortunately we are not allowed to ship Twilight Forest with AMP directly. Fortunately you can download it yourself and put it in the mods forlder of HappyDiggers AMP.
    Currently AMP is compatible with Twilight Forest 1.20.3 which you can download here. Or use this download link provided by the mod author.

    We just made the jump to Minecraft 1.6.4. And although we've play-tested as much as we could, we expect that in the near future we'll be doing mostly maintenance updates.
    We plan to keep this mod pack updated with the latest releases of the various mods. This means that this pack will not be the most stable pack available, but it does mean you get to play with new features all the time. Also this will hopefully help the mod authors as well because their latest versions will be used so only new bugs will be reported. Mod packs that use old mod versions tend to produce bug reports to issues that have been resolved already.
    Currently HappyDiggers AMP is filled to the brim. There is a lot to do for players new to tech mods, GregTech veterans, people who like the nature aspect of Minecraft and also Magic lovers can find many things to do. We are always on the lookout for new mods to add. They have to be sensible and not provide (too much) redundancy to other mods.
    If you guys have any ideas for mods you would like us to include, please share your thoughts.

    Changelog is updated to reflect the latest changes. The last version might not yet be available on the FTB launcher. Check below in this thread to see what version was last submitted to the FTB mod pack team.

    The HappyDiggers mod pack represents a lot of work by the HappyDiggers community. But all this effort is nothing compared to the time all the mod authors have put into the various mods that make up this pack. We would like to give proper credit to each and everyone of them and thank them for all they have done. The mod authors are the real heros of this story
    Because there are so many mods included in HappyDiggers AMP it's almost impossible to put all the information in this post. Therefore we have included all the mods, authors, links to their sites and screenshots of permission to include their mods in a spreadsheet. Please view the document.
    Awesome mod authors are awesome! <- click! read! thanks!

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    I love the art so far J. Looks awesome! Also, I am excited for the server version of this. I have been testing various things on a single player world and LOVE it so far.

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    I've submitted HappyDiggers AMP v1.1.0 to the FTB mod pack team. If approved it should appear on the launcher in a few days.

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    Pam's Weee flowers has an update in store which she made just for me. Check it out:

    Moon flowers!
    We'll include it in HappyDiggers AMP once we move to 1.6. This update to Weee flowers isn't an exclusive so anyone should be able to use when it's released

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    Wait, we can go to the moon? Or is that just a random biome?

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    Yes you can go to the moon! Need to build a rocket first though with the NASA workbench and also important a space suit

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    The pack has been updated to 1.2.1. Here's the changelog:

    Most notable are the addition of logistics pipes and the backport of Biomes O' Plenty.

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    The 1.2.2 update has been submitted to the FTB mod pack team. Hopefully it will go up in a day or two

    This is mainly a maintenance update with a ton of mods being updated. Here's the changelog:

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    I've been playing around with the Chisel mod and I think it's really awesome. Take a look at these screenshots


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    The 1.3.2 update has been submitted to the FTB mod pack team. This is looking to be one of the best releases so far. It should go up in a day or two.

    Here's the changelog:

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