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    Grief on the subway

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    I'm exceeding the max for uploading more pictures so here's 2 of 4 offences.

    Someone griefed the Small World subway. What's all the same for all 4 offences is that the '/co inspect' command can't find any data, so the guilty player goes free.

    Admins please take a look in to this, I know how to use the co inspect command, but this time it gives nothing useable. Maybe you have better tools to check.

    The offender put a cobblestone block in place where the glass block should've been, I put a sign there to check it but no data on the broken glass or the rails that're gone. It didn't even say who put the cobble block there and that should be pretty straight forward for the inspect command.

    And why break only that glass block, it doesn't give anything to the offender, only more damage to the subway.
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