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    Small World grief (kind of) =)

    Well, this time it was actually InsaneJ himself =) It was a joke and I though it was quite funny. He made an unlit nether portal in the middle of my houseName:  2013-06-17_10.19.20.png
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Size:  296.1 KBI walk in one day and see it. I laughed so much when I did co-inspect.

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    From my perspective, free obsidian :P

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    Actually... It was already there and it was lit. I removed upon request of... someone, can't remember who. He complained it was a bug and demanded I fixed it immediately! So I did and I removed the portal. He then wanted to try to light the portal again, so I rebuild the portal.

    And now you are left with an unlit portal in the middle of your house. I hope you enjoy it since they are very rare, you'll be the envy of all your neighbors

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    Thats exactly what I thought. I walk in and think Ok, seriously??? Who did this??? Then I notice my diamond pick and say Sweet, Free 14 Obsidian!!

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