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    Cool Underground Oasis

    Hi small world inhabitants,

    A nice build has been finished and is open for everyone to visit as long as you follow the rules of the server. You'll find the dome at coordinates x -57 / y 72 / z 552.

    Avafede2000 and Boya0910 build a great looking Oasis Dome in the desert and they wanted an underground oasis in it. That sparked a little idea for me to at last build something nice in this peaceful little world.

    After the oasis was done I thought that a nice little hidden temple would be nice to accompagnie it and thus with help of the Oasis Gods an ancient temple was created. No player has trespassed it and lived to tell his/hers fatal adventure...

    Inside the Dome

    The entrance of the temple

    The rules are simple:

    - no griefing

    - all the challenges can be done without help of any tools
    I've made the challenges in a manner that you can survive them, you only need to be patient
    and cautious. But I must admit, the final room can be scary.
    Yes, the early leap of faith was a death trap because of the lag, but that is fixed now by making it a fixed challenge without moving parts.

    - bring 5 iron ingots or 1 minecart, it's more fun to exit the temple riding the track then walking it. At least if you are able enough to make it that far... (there are rumours some players allready found their deaths when this temple was in the making, also making this temple got me killed 20 - 25 times ).

    - be sure to be at full health before every challenge, some can give you quite some fall damage

    - you can put your stuff safely away in the chests I put at the exit of the temple you find next to the dome. So before going in to the dome, be sure you don't have anything valuable with you, you could lose it.

    - Heads up: When you cleared the waterrealm, and the gate closes behind you at the spiral challenge, there is no way back, you'll have to go through the room of doom if you want to get out legit (griefing can get you banned).

    The temple has 4 stages (it's all parkour-ish):
    The stairway to the Gods
    A little parkour for you to enjoy.
    Yes, the last jump is doable, although you need good timing. Be sure you stand on the upper stair, don't touch the wall and use shift to maximise the length of your sprint run before you jump.
    The leap of faith
    Very straightforward easy little challenge, but don't fall in the lava.

    Now, that you're warmed up the real challenges begin:
    The realm of the watergods
    Consists of 3 challenges you must complete by pressing the blue/red button. If all 3 challenges are completed, a gate opens at the bottom of the well.

    Tip for the first challenge, stay as high as you can in the watercolumn, you'll need the hight to be able to get to the other side. It will be very difficult at first, but when you get the hang of it, you know it's doable.
    Also, minecraft sometimes spawns a watersource block, if you notice this, please be kind and remove it with a bucket. I've put a chest with buckets at the entrance of that challenge. just poor the bucket in one of the holes and put a block on it, then remove the block. So the challenge stays playable (that's one of the downsides for making this in survival)
    The room of doom
    A lava filled adventurous room which is not for the faint of heart. Again 3 challenges must be completed by pressing the blue/red button so the dragon's mouth opens and you can continue your adventure.
    First you got the 'random' doors challenge followed bij 'hot feet'.
    Tip, when you're through the random doors, you'll see the lava thingies, behind them you must find a sole pressure plate which will make the climb to the first button possible.

    You'll find a little slideshow of it on following link:

    So Ava, Boya and I welcome you to our little adventure in this little minecraft world.
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    It's literally unbeatable. Really. The button on the maze to open the door is missing. I got through the 3 rooms, then went to where the door was. Not open. It appears that avafede broke it. Not sure why :/

    Other than that, it is awesome! I love the room you enter at the start.

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    You are right , it's fixed now! Have done another run down of the temple, it should be fully functional.

    Also in the maze, you don't need to make your own airpockets, I have carefully measured it out and if you keep moving and keep an eye out for the signs which create air, you won't suffocate.

    I've also made a practice room at the right side in front of the Oasis Temple. You can practice that last jump in the first room. It is kinda tedious, but it can be done if you can focus for more than a few seconds. Then again, I didn't make this so it would be a walk in the park.
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    You said no player has tresspassed and live to tell the tale. I did =), Also, congratz on getting on the FTB/Vanilla whitelist

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    thanks, well, you can't build things like this without some drama added to it.

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    If I get accepted this is going to be the first thing I go check out

    I have a picture but its not showing up?!

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    You can set an avatar and a profile picture. Looks like you set your profile picture while you wanted to set your avatar.

    I know it's a bit confusing being able to have two separate pictures. But yeah, that's just how this forum software works.

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    Ohhh ok thank you

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    That's an awesome avatar you have there. Epic tree puncher ftw

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    Thanks I saw it on google and was like..... oh meh gaud lol

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