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    HappyDiggersAMP server files


    I wonder if there is package with files for server HDAMP and if possible will it be added to the FTB launcher? We have played with friends a lot ftb unleashed recently but I wanted to play some hardcore FTB on HDAMP modpack and maybe make a series about it. Is it possible to download server files somewhere or we have to make it on our own?


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    You can get the AMP pack on the FTB launcher. By adding the code HappyDiggersAMP in.

    You will most likely have to set the server files up yourselves.

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    "You can get the AMP pack on the FTB launcher. By adding the code HappyDiggersAMP in."
    I didn't said I want to download modpack bro :>

    huh, will try but it's damn boring

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    Speaking of AMP neither Ryan or Lige can connect, Lige says it comes up with ticking entity on the crash screen. I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem.

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    I had this on my first launch. I deleted all the files and passed on it for like two days. Then I tried one more time and it launched with no reason

    //i'll update first post if I get server files working. IF I get it

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    I'll check with InsaneJ who made the pack about the server files, but he's in the middle of moving house. Not sure if he has internet yet.

    Ticking entity happens quite regularly on logging in, usually the 2nd time it works, or occasionally 3rd for me.
    Unless you have something with ColdChicken in it, then you will need a teleport to get on again, but maybe these entities are disabled atm, not sure.

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    ok ty guys, they have tried connecting at least 10 times and just keep getting that error.

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    Ill hang around on the server tnite for a while, they can poke me on dynmap for a teleport just before they log in.

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    can you just delete my player.dat file please, see if that works. thank you =)

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    Done. And some extra chars to satisfy the minimal limit of 10 characters in a quick reply

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