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    Article: HappyDiggers AMP for Minecraft 1.6

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    Wondering what kind of launcher will we use for testing? Is there a multiMC version for 1.6.x minecraft yet?

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    Not yet that I know of. It's the same for the FTB launcher though, they don't support 1.6 yet either.

    The community has to catch up with all the changes Mojang is making to Minecraft every time they bring out a new release.

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    Well Mojang said they want to make modding much easier but it looks like 1.6 brought the opposite to it from what I see...

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    The mod API should have been present from day-1. Because it wasn't people just started hacking the jar file and things like Bukkit and Forge were born to make it easier for modders.

    If Mojang ever does make a mod API, it should be close or even compatible with Bukkit and Forge. If it's not, then all the mods will have to be rewritten in order to work.

    That's going to be a real shit-storm. It will further fragment the modding community if you ask me.

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