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    Vanilla server joinen

    I'm Chris De Raad
    I am 13 years old
    I'm Dutch
    I live in North-Holland (Alkmaar)

    Why I want the vanilla server?
    I want the vanilla server because I'm a nice friendly server looking with nice people and vanilla earlier as I sat with the survivaling friends came along and gave us an admin always slide blocks that I did not find much I want it yourself and find yourself minen . I'm not a griefer I have no mods.

    How long am I online?
    I think I completes 2/3 hours online and am on weekends longer

    I hope I can on my minecraft name is csplayminecraft

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    Chris, you have to go to the whitelist subforum and fill in the questions for the whitelist on the Small World (in the small world thread ofcourse). You can't ask to be whitelisted for the vanilla server, the players/admins decide that on the way you behave and play on the other happydiggers servers.
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