Well, Im back! got a laptop and can play somewhat laggy minecraft!!!!! =) I was monotoring the server for a couple of days and didn't see anyone on. And like boya said, its lost its spark. As I missed the get together and im guessing most people did I'm suggesting a community event. everyone with youtube channels can put out the server IP in a video, while the Happy Diggers Community hosts a party in the server lobby. This whole shabang will go down on lets say, August 25th, that should give people time to see this thread and respond. Please respond below what you think. On the 25th, we could keep the party going all day, so nobody has to worry about road blocks or things they have to do on that day. Im thinking we have a paintball/spleef tournament and pumpkin pie for everyone! I hope this works cause I dont want to have to retire the flag.