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    Learning about Mods

    Hey guys, talon here, I recently downloaded the Elemental Arrows and ToomanyItems mods. Now, onmy channel im thinking about doing mod reviews, so, how do I delete mods? On youtube I found that you need to delete the bin file under minecraft. I want to know if I do that can I still install and un-install mods. Or, if anyone knows another way to delete them, I use windows 7 by the way.
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    I'd recommend you use multiMC if it's for MC 1.5.2 or below, and magic launcher for anything above that
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    You may also use, the normal MC. You will just have to install minecraft forge, It will create a 'MODS' folder, put all mods in that folder. It you want to delete it, just delete that mod in the folder. Its abit hard to understand reading this, so watch this:

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    Two good answers, awesome

    Oh, this is officially my 1337th post. How cool is that?

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    Thanks guys, I will give it a try. I hope I can get around my Optifine installing issues too. But now, I must install Pixelmon =)
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