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    RPG Server Requests

    I notice that ClearLag deletes entities after a certain amount of time passes. Is there any way to add exceptions to that? Mostly, things that I think would be good exceptions are the Campers Tool and Campers Tool v2 as well as any camping bags since these tend to drop as items on death and losing a camping bag can be a huge hit.

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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I've added the following items to the item-filer:
    - 264
    - 265
    - 311
    - 312
    - 266
    - 2191
    - 2194
    - 18586
    - 18586:1
    - 18586:2
    - 18586:3
    - 18586:4
    - 18586:5
    - 18586:6
    - 18586:7
    - 18586:8
    - 18586:9
    - 18586:10
    - 18586:11
    - 18586:12
    - 18586:13
    - 18586:14
    - 18586:15
    - 18586:16
    - 18586:17
    - 18586:18
    - 18586:19
    - 18586:20
    - 18586:21
    - 18586:22
    - 18586:23
    - 18586:24
    - 18586:25
    - 18586:26
    - 18586:27
    - 18586:28
    - 18586:29
    - 18586:30
    - 18586:31
    - 18586:32
    - 18586:33
    - 18586:34
    - 18586:35
    - 18586:36
    - 18586:37
    - 18586:38
    - 18586:39
    - 18586:40
    - 18586:41
    - 18586:42
    - 18586:43
    - 18586:44
    - 18586:45
    - 18586:46
    - 18586:47
    - 18586:48
    - 18586:49
    - 18586:50
    - 18586:31999

    That's a lot of back packs
    If there are any more items that really should be included, let me know.

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    Can you also add these ones?

    31977: Small Camping Bag
    31977:1 Medium Camping Bag
    31977:2 Large Camping Bag
    31978: Camper's Tool v2
    31979: Camper's Tool

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    I think I'll remove the Clearlag plugin altogether. It was meant as an experiment to see if it would help prevent crashes. Clearly it didn't do any good in that regard and I don't think we have a problem with loose items lying around in the world.

    So unless anyone objects, I'll remove it now

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    Some things like the 'hookshoot', 'longshoot' and electric staff cause the player to be kicked for flying. Mostly if you use the hookshots to hang on Ceilings (like spider man) or fly around too much with the electric staff.
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    Well, ClearLag is a bit of annoyance that's for sure, but thats mostly due to the camper stuff always being dropped on death and it getting cleaned up by ClearLag -- however i've seen Clearlag, on a couple of occasion delete over 10,000 entities. I'm not sure what these could be. Maybe you can disable it for awhile and see if anything goes really bonkers. You could also extend its delay to once every, say, 20 minutes. That should allow it to do some kind of optimization while also being considerably less bothersome.

    For the record, cc is blaming the moreBows mod for the arrow entity crash in or near Wheatlands -- that said while it seems like a likely culprit, that may not always be the case as there are certain things which use arrow physics so may technically 'be' arrows as far as the minecraft engine is concerned. I've used the new bow types without issues, however I can't say i've used the arrows. It would be nice if we could get a crash report from the last person who was in WheatLands prior to the crashing. Would it be feasible to analyze a copy of the world in mcedit?

    EDIT: Better Bows is renamed to 'Better Archery' and has went up a few versions to 1.6.3 (for 1.5.2). Nothing in the change logs about arrow crashes being fixed however (source). I don't think it's a highly unsafe mod as the maintainer does address multiplayer issues with it and it's already included in Hexxit which also has MP servers.
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    Thanks for taking the time to write up these suggestions

    I've removed clearlagg from the server so it shouldn't be an issue anymore.

    Since Marius didn't respond to your possible solution for the client and server crashes I'll take matters into my own hands for now. Thanks for researching the Better Archery mod, it might just be a life saver.

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    Looks like Better Bows (Better Archery) requires to ask for permission from now instead of being free for all. Also most mods are updated to 1.6 right now and a few of them are almost finished for 1.6.4. The only thing remaining will be the FTB launcher to fully support 1.6.

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    a lot of the mods of the RPG pack are still not up to date like ars and I do not be leave that the bows mod would be looking for perms on any side do to the fact that on a none bukkit server. the server would not have any forum of perms
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    here is a new one on download and open forg mod loader dos not work I am going to fix it on my end but I am going to let the server staff fix this one because it is a mod in the pack making this happen

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