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    Unhappy Minecraft, you uncompromising mistress... (new chunks that have overwritten builds)

    The game must have felt that the temple was a piece of crap and seems like it spawned a few new chunks that have overwritten the temple at several places to enforce it's opinion. (or maybe it couldn't handle it's awesomeness )
    I don't know if that's normal behaviour in the game or there's some testing going on by the staff.
    Just to let you know, you're off to a dead end in the Oasis temple.

    I must say, I feel more lag the last couple of weeks. lag that e.g. throws you 10 blocks back or blocks that you must mine twice. Maybe one is connected to the other?

    I'm not going to rebuild it, too much work to do twice, it would compromise my laziness. (even if it was in creative)

    You win some, you lose some, now I'm off to sob in the corner of my room...

    All foolishness aside, just a heads up to J or one of the other server superhero's, maybe there's something going on in the small world server that isn't like it should be.

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    We had a server crash last week that may have caused some chunks to become corrupt. If that happens Minecraft will usually opt to regenerate those chunks.

    We could try to restore the SmallWorld server from backup, that should clear things up. Although I think the map we're working on for the new server also still has the temple in it. I could just copy/paste it and it should be good to go although all progress since last week will be lost then since that is the most likely time when the corruption occurred.

    So I present you with a choice:

    • Keep on going with the current map and no temple.
    • Restore the temple from backup but loose all progress since last week.
    • Don't do anything and keep the map from last week in the work-in-progress server which has the temple in it. This is like restoring the backup and not having any progress since then when the new server launches.(This is the easiest option for us )

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    Just keep it like this, I did quite some work last week, don't wanna lose that.

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