I have known Anthony1617 and Majiman for a long time. Anthony has had a long history of getting in trouble and annoying moderators/admins. Majiman, however, has not. Anthony was going off to make his town while Majiman was being extremely helpful with building my town. All of a sudden, I learn that Anthony has pushed the mods too far, yet again. Sadly, Majiman is Anthony's little bro, and lives with him, giving the router they own the same IP. When Anthony was IP banned, the ban also affected Majiman's account as well. I would like to request that Majiman is unbanned. This is because he never did anything wrong, and I thoroughly enjoyed having as part of my town. He has been in bad mood ever since he was banned, and is getting very frustrated. I'm sure that multiple people can vouch for this as well.
Thanks for your time, and hopefully this issue can be resolved and Majiman can get back on the server.