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    Teacher needed :D

    So this is kind of embarrassing but I've been playing Minecraft for a bit now and I have no idea how to do redstone... If I get accepted would anyone be interested in a few short lessons?

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    Personally, im absolutely rubbish at redstone.

    I can set up a dispenser, lol.

    Im sure if DOM had some free spare time (but dont hope anything). he might give you a few lessons

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    Yeah I'm terrible at it too. I tried setting up a piston door one time (facepalm) spent three hours on it and got nowhere..

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    I've tried watching videos but I get lost quickly

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    Just some of my videos to get you started

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    oh cool ill check them out thank you

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    If you see me on the server, you can always ask me for help I kinda know the basics and love some redstone tinkering, but I'm not an expert like DOM who really understands what's going on in that mysterious reddish dust.
    DOM's video's are a certainly a great place to start. Just begin with the simple things and rebuild them, even as simple as an inverted signal and graduadly try to build more difficult stuff.
    I believe Talon is also great with redstone.

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    Thank you! If i ever get on (which is seeming impossible) i would defiantly like to do some redstone with ya! But i cant even seem to get on the small world server for some reason. I dont know why. Im in the correct version of minecraft tried and retried the Ip but its not seeming to work.

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