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    Quote Originally Posted by talon6758 View Post
    No more small world, alas. No point in my brillian idea..... lol
    What are you talking about? We have a brand new SmallWorld map on the server...

    Quote Originally Posted by talon6758 View Post
    well, I played on the new server, its good, but not very clear. I couldn't mine from the underhill mine and am I supposed to make the secret thing that allows me to travel that I will not spoil for everyone else in the tutorial? I got the book and didn't know what to do next.
    You not being able to mine was a permissions issue, it has been resolved. So you should be able to get all the materials you need.

    Once you do you can go anywhere you like in the Spawn world, or visit one of the other worlds through the portals on the central island. I think you will find that the Spawn world is kinda like a Skyblock world but without the Skyblock restrictions. You can create towns there and have access to more materials. I'm excited to see what people will do with that world

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    Ah, I see. So I use the mine to get to the good stuff, make the transport thing, and just be my usual fabulous self. This'll be fun <3
    Gotem team

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