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    New server, and a great idea!

    Hey guys, talon here,

    My and my friend Quinn made a server. And since the launch of the new Happy Diggers youtube channel, I was thinking it could be a place to record and post to the channel. I am also going to start another channel sometime soon. Hopefully I can figure out all the things I need. So far, the release of the server will hopefully be around Febuary 1st. Any people who would like to help our building, please put your skype name down below. I hope you will all enjoy the server. I am going to be recording quite a bit when my new channel is up, but I need a name. Since my skin is a chicken and my name is talon, it needs to be something chicken related. If you have any ideas, post down below. MC PRO HOSTING is running the server for us, and I have some friends who will help out as well. If you want to help, send me a skype contact request and we can jump on and get started.

    Skype Name: talonranger6

    Gotem team

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    Good luck with the server and channel

    What are your plans for the server? Is it going to be a modded (Forge) server, or a Bukkit/Spigot server with plugins? Does the server have a theme? Tell us a bit more.

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    I made him some channel art and was on the server, has promise but spawn needs to be better!

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    lol, ok, ill work on spawn, I know you dont like enclosed spaces boya =). As for plugins, it has warps and multiworld, we will add more, and are considering making another separate forge server. Thanks to boya for the awesome pic, art and name for my channel =) (FeatherForce)
    Gotem team

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