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    Christmas theme

    So I changed the theme of the website and forums and I have to say, I actually like this theme more then the one we normally have on.

    Maybe it's time we changed themes after the holidays. If anyone has any suggestions for a theme, feel free to voice your opinion.

    If you want to look for themes we can use look for vBulletin 4.2 themes (or styles, Google knows what you mean)

    Personally I prefer black text on a light background. Many "gamer" themes are dark with light text which I suppose is easier on the eyes when you're up untill 4AM. But us normal people that sleep at night don't need dark themes It may be Minecraft related, but it doesn't have to be. The current theme we use looks a little Minecraft-ish, but it's not a specific Minecraft themed style.

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    On the contrary, I do perfer the normal happydiggers one.

    Maybe, we could change to background, to like minecraft stone or something?

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    I think we could change the theme, personally i think we could do some stuff with the heading and background, also we could style the options menu to look a little bit more awsome ;D
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