I had to Ban someone today for looting another players house all the way down to the wax ring on the toilet.
Under normal circumstances if you do not use /mytown to protect your things then it is your own fault if it gets destroyed.

In this particular case , a player had a house set up only to find he couldnt /mytown becouse he was located to close to spawn town.
He didnt have time to tear it down and move over a bit and was associating with another player that got banned. Normally I would say Tuff you should have used the tools provided to protect your things. This was obviously a conscious premeditated act and had a witness to confirm what happened. It was just wrong.

If you would like to contest the Ban there is thread for that here http://happydiggers.net/forumdisplay...UnBan-Requests .

Again; Protect your stuff by using /mytown or join a town to keep your thing safe, respect things people build out in the world and use common sense.