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Thread: 201 posts!

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    201 posts!

    Well, This is my 201st post. Pretty good milestone for me, so im going to copy what J did for 1000. You tubed '201

    Firstly, We have some kind of foreign fail compilation:

    A Jelly Splash walkthrough:

    Random LoL moments:

    That's all for now folks :3

    Also, Hope everyone had a happy valentines day!

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    Lol way to go, fits in nicely with your moderator picture. Still kinda ticked that I wasn't picked lol. But great job, youll be to where I am in no time!
    Gotem team

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    Nicely done, congrats

    Onwards to P1K... wait, I just realized that's l33t speak for something inappropriate in dutch. Wait, I just realized I shouldn't be telling you this because now you're going to google it. Don't!! >_<

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