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    Nov 2012
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    - Post on thread about how bad gregtech is
    - Realise how you´ve wasted your life
    - Play ET on the Atari
    - Burn ET
    - Smash the Atari
    - Buy a new PC
    - Smash new PC because it only runs MC at 10 fps

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    Apr 2014
    Somewhere in Uranus
    -Wait for your V.I.P. to be approved

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    -wait for your moderator status to come in through amazon
    Gotem team

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    Have a cake! (but ONLY after you have waited long enough)

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    Paris, France, sometimes in my bed.
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    -mod gregtech so it doesn't load for hours :P
    -create a new mod that is better than gregtech
    -recode minecraft
    -create a brand new game and get 2000000000$ for it
    -send hate mails to GregoriusT
    -do your 5 years of study
    -cerate a 3d printer to make a (pellet) gun to shoot at GregoriousT
    -read a book
    -write a book
    -book holidays for your book
    -write what you would do while waiting for gregtech to load
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    If you wonder why I'm not that active anymore, I became the dev of this:

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    Wait for the moon's night to end. (approx. 1h40m or 4 overworld days)

    I was going to say "See George R. R. Martin finish his book series and witness the finale of Game of Thrones", but the universe will succumb to heat death before that happens.

    Install league of legends, the only process I've ever seen not only take precedence over the ctrl+alt+delete function but actually cause it to fail..
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