Please post any bugs, glitches or crashes you encounter in this thread!

We want to be a small buffer between you, the people playing HappyDiggers AMP, and the mod authors. The reason for this is to prevent them from being flooded by the same bug reports over and over.

So please post any issues you may have in this thread, and then we will contact the mod authors and submit the bug reports to the appropriate places

The way to report a problem is as follows:
-Tell us what you were doing when the crash happened.
-Tell us what version of HappyDiggers AMP you are using. The recommended version is always the highest version number. You can find this on the FTB client, see screenshot:

-Always include log files! As soon as Minecraft has encountered a problem get the files mentioned below. DO NOT START Minecraft until after you have done this.

  • ForgeModLoader-client-0.log

This file is located in your FTB_directory\HappyDiggersAMP\minecraft directory.


This file is located in your FTB_directory\HappyDiggersAMP\minecraft\crash-reports directory

Open the file wit Notepad, copy everything (CTRL+A, CTRL+C). Then go to and paste the contents of the file there (CTRL+V). Click submit. Then copy/paste the URL you get here.

Keep in mind that we need as much information as possible. Without it we can't and won't track down issues.