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    Amp 4.2.0

    Have crashed twice trying to log in to the server, anyone else have a problem getting on?

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    Amp 4.2.0

    downloaded it but havent tried to log in yet. was recently updated

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    Yeah, I was able to join after the update, may be related to the reborn machine, if others are affected also ill post the crash log.

    Was able to get on by lowering the render distance to 2, still takes a bit to load up, but no crash this time, changed it back to 8 and still good to go so far.
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    Amp 4.2.0

    crashed twice trying to load. redownloading and trying again.

    crashed again
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    Ill hop on and see if it does it to me also, try setting view distance to 2 then log in.

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    Amp 4.2.0

    had FOV set to normal and render distance 2. still crashed.

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    Amp 4.2.0

    I posted your crash report here:

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    Amp 4.2.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Dourne View Post
    crashed twice trying to load. redownloading and trying again. crashed again
    In case you want to try to log on to the AMP server while you wait for a response from the Support
    I also crashed at my first logging on to the server after upgrading. I forgot to give MultiMC/ Java more memory and when I did it I was able to log in

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    Amp 4.2.0

    have always run at 4gb.

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    Amp 4.2.0

    I think the settings for Multi MC / Java should be checked for each new instance
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