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    1 Year Anniversary

    Today is the day, I have been part of HappyDiggers for One Year!

    Now for a little essay,

    Firstly, I would thank to thank InsaneJ(G). For running the community smoothly.

    I would like to thank DOM/Sverf/Mupje for putting up with my AMP shenanigans, almost always resulting in a server crash

    I would like to thank KodeKatt/Zekeyo37 (and the rest of the TFC server), for teaching me the little I know about TFC

    I would especially like to thank Pernix, for the being the pesky Ozzie that won't leave my house alone in Vanilla. Also, for being the anonymous admin changing the time on TFC

    Finally I would like to thank the HappyDiggers community for such an amazing year.

    Lots of love,
    Ethan (ethe)

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    Walking across my keyboard

    I'm a cat!

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    soon, a new thing will appear XD
    this is a mistake, happy one year anniversary on happy diggers ethe, heres minecraft telling it:
    Name:  Capture2.PNG
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    Happy birthday on HD Ethan. Ive go no idea how long I have been here. I think December will be my 2nd year here (and still not moderator lol)
    Gotem team

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