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Thread: Well, Im back

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    Well, Im back

    Well, as the name says, after like, 4 months, Im back. I guess I got kinda tired and bored, and I ended up quitting minecraft for a while. I didn't really play anything other than my Ipod and kind of wasted my life But now I am back and look forward to posting! I hope you guys at least missed me a little
    Gotem team

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    I may of missed you a little

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    Welcome back

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    Just a little Ethe? Cmon I though we were friends :'( lol. Congratz J on 1900 posts. Almost at 2k
    Gotem team

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    lol, it almost feels like nobody even noticed.................
    Gotem team

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    The love man, the love
    Gotem team

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