The server is not even playable. It's crashing every 10 minutes and the block lag is getting to the point where accomplishing anything of any nature is virtually impossible.

The server needs lockette. It's a plugin that allows you to lock chests. how hard is it really to get that one plugin in this server. I cannot count the amount of shit I've lost anymore. I hide my fucking shit in chests, then I hide is miles away from my town claim the land and put it underground and still I lose my fucking crucible, bloomery, and all of my fucking ingots. The admins aren't doing anything to help they gave us a crucible then said good luck. There's not any form of anti grief on the server people can literally burn down entire structures and admins are as useless and powerless as the rest of us. I used to really enjoy the server but i've found that the more materials I get the more of this bullshit happens. VIPS are the only one's who get attended too and the rules don't apply for Moderators. Noobminer has repeatedly swore and used all caps in global chat throughout the course of entire days. KodeKatt gets to TP to cordinates out of reach in the map and get's special treatment from the Admin. I don't want to fucking be rude I'm really not trying to be but this server is so unbalanced it's bugging me. There's never anything done about the things happening to me and I'm getting tired of it. More importantly do you guys even care to fix it. A server is meant to bring together people so then many can play a game cooperatively. If the people who come in and ruin it can just remain hidden and we don't know who's doing it everything is ruined. There's 1 person stealing in our town. What's the only thing we can do? Kick everybody. That's fucking ludicrous. That's absolute horseshit, I'm trying to play with people together and have fun here and there's no way to do that anymore. Please I'd love to keep playing on the server but not if progress is inhibited by sheer horseshit.