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    Lightbulb Some thoughts about recent issues.

    It's late for me here, but I had a couple of ideas I mentioned to some players yesterday, and wanted to share them here:

    1. We need to make available some good documentation on how to properly use MyTown so people can effectively use it to secure their homes and items. I've been the the MyTown website, and the documentation there is not that friendly to everyday users. It seems more geared toward server admins. So if there is a site or someone can put here some useful commands or other good tips on effectively using it so everyone can lock down their stuff better. Some baisc ones people should have easy instructions on are setting up town and plot perms and how to assign plots to specific players so that other residents can't go in and steal stuff from peoples private houses.

    2. Since it seems a lot of griefing is coming from people within the town, Mayors may want to begin posting threads here in the TFC section for applications to join their town. The OP Thread can have the Town Rules and the questions applicants must answer. Those seeking membership into the town can then reply to the thread with the answers to those questions. Then Mayors can use those to decide whether or not they want that person in their town or not.

    I hope these ideas can be used to help make things a little better and get rid of some of the drama going on recently.

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    So first of all as far as documentation goes I think there is enough data to satisfy your need. On their website you have a nice list of commands where it also explains what each of them does but if you are unable to understand all that (even if its pretty easy) you should check out the video they posted as a beginner tutorial (here it is anyway BOOP). There's not much you can do about this other than making a similar video like the one above to make players learn at least the basic commands. J might be able to do that if he has the time or a layout for such a video.

    Now going about griefers inside town. Usually if the grief happens, it happens because its your fault. You should check twice before inviting a new player, and things like: attitude, how mature he is, and what kind of person he is as a whole will help you determine if its a player worth taking in your team or not. A small tip: don't invite players that just joined if you know nothing about that guy or he isn't your real life friend.

    About making a post to promote your town and hire people, I was thinking about a few weeks ago but there are a few obstacles we need to go over:
    • How are we going to get everyone to sign up on the forum? Most of the time when I tell people to do that they just ignore you... that until they have problems and come back crying.
    • After that how are we going to identify how good that person is and if he is posting or not a fake bio? Sure you can see what kind of vocabulary he is using so you can determine how mature he is. But here comes the problem as we have players coming from all over the world and few are actually speaking english very accurate.
    • How are we going to evaluate the player with his submission? Are we going to ask about age, experience from other servers, what kind of builds he likes to make, how eager he is to learn new things?

    If you find a solution to these questions I think we can do something about that but else it will be a hard task to compete for both: us and the players.
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    1. If the documentation isn't clear enough for players, then I'm not sure if another YouTube video is going to help. I'll consider making one as a sort of a server show case explaining what players can do on the HappyDiggers server command-wise.

    2. With TFC b78 we should be able to run a decent block log plugin that supports Forge inventories. That means that every time someone breaks a block or takes something out of a chest we should be able to see who did it. I'm not sure if we'll also be able to log when players take something out of a forge or bloomery or something non-conventional. But breaking things should be logged.

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    Well, in my case I understand most of the commands for MyTown, but I know some people may need assistance. If J does make a video, that would be helpful to people. I'm glad the new version will have logging to curb the issue of thieves.

    As far as people posting applications to join towns, it's just an idea that people might find useful. I realize not everyone will do it and that people are still going to need good judgement on who they allow into their town, but it's a beginning point. It is also better that letting just any random player join your town. I'm sure a large percentage of "toxic" players (griefers and thieves) wouldn't even bother trying to join a town if they had to bother with filling out an application on the forums first.

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    Yup, that's all true

    We're currently hard at work on the new b78.2 server and one of the things we've focused on was getting Lockette to play nice with the various items TFC adds to the game. Right now we're able to lock clay jars you put on the ground, log piles, all the TFC doors, all the anvils, all the armor stands and a couple of other things. That should help people protect their stuff from fellow town's people. Just put a sign on something and it's private for your use only unless you add people to the sign.

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    Have you tried this too?

    Its more space efficient than Lockette and there will be no need to add so many signs around. It's usually useful for a complex storage area and you can add people to your chest by either setting a password like a vault or just use a command to give them access.

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    Yes we tried it and it's a completely useless plugin for TFC.

    We have spend quite a bit of time adding the extra containers TFC has to Lockette. Just take a look at all the doors/barrels/anvils/etc. There are a lot of things that need locking. This is something that LWC does not support and which makes it useless for TFC... unless the only thing you want to lock are vanilla Minecraft doors and chests

    Also I think adding signs to lock things is an easier concept to grasp for novice players. You just put a sign on something you want to lock: and done.

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    I agree that mytown gets really hazy when it comes to nation access and friend access, even Katt had problems with it, it think warroirofcats was the only one that got it working. Mytown seems great for micromanaging in which towny lacked, but the commands are, well a but hazy and honestly seem lazy by how they lack categorizing command line explanation. I can see why anyone that had never moded or admined would have a big problem with this.

    Mabye just having a small thread intro to command characters like : / [ ] On the forums would go along way for this acting like a rosetta stone.

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