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    TripleHelixERA on report.

    Player TripleHelixERA (ba0d258d-c8b9-408f-a31c-8f77f38ebd61)

    Server Minecraft FreebieTFC
    Punishment Warning
    Jail (4hrs)
    Reason Grief
    Additional Info Player used and modified a settlement near spawn. Took some lumber, planks, bricks, and a barrel. When confronted they offered returning the items claiming the owner is inactive. Triple also left some food at the place and according to their words they improved the place by patching up the shack. Also interfered with other shack that did not belong to them.
    Warned the player after found out about the first. Player jailed after finding out about more instances of this behaviour.
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    JimBouki & varelucky on report.

    Player JimBouki (ef749213-9a67-4674-9e61-2405fb45179c)

    varelucky (6d192c72-feca-4f4c-a92d-6641ce3859ca)

    Server Minecraft FreebieTFC
    Punishment Warning
    Reason Not following TFC server specific rules
    Additional Info Town had many cows in a pen of insufficient size. Also had 10 fruit trees, two of those removed. Given both the mayor and his partner were inactive for some time, warning was sent by mail. Will check next after one of them is online.
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