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    Warned players and banlist

    This thread contains lists of warned players and (old) bans as well as links to MCBans with the more recent bans. Players may use this thread to check "whatever happened to that player that suddenly disappeared?".

    This thread is closed so only staff members may reply to it. This thread is not meant as a discussion. It's one-way information only.

    If you are banned and wish to be unbanned, appeal your ban on this forum only. If you disagree with the ban and couldn't resolve the issue on our forum feel free to open a dispute on the MCBans page. A dispute should only be used when you are certain that the ban was unjust. The MCBans staff will look at the circumstances of the ban, including the evidence we provide, and decide if we followed their rules for global bans or not. If we did, then it will hurt your reputation. If we didn't then it will hurt ours.

    Some pointers for staff:

    Format for posting a report about an abusive player:

    HTML Code:
    [table="width: 850, class: grid, align: left"]
        [td]PLAYERNAME (UUID)[/td]
        [td][B]Additional Info[/B][/td]
    How to complete the table fields:

    Change NAME to the name of the player that has broken the rules.
    Change SERVERNAME to the server in which the rule has been broken (check the list bellow for available servers).

    Change PUNISHMENT to the type of punishment that was applied to the player (check list bellow for available options).

    Change REASON to one of the standard reasons found in the list bellow or make your own reason for special cases that do not fit in any of the following categories.

    Change NONE fields to any evidence or commentary that you may add to support the punishment, if there is any available.

    Also update this post to include the player name. That way we can easily track who's been warned without having to read this entire thread.

    And lastly, please provide one or more screenshots with proof.[/spoiler]
    Players who have been jailed:

    Players who have been warned:

    If these players step out of line again, it's the BAN/JAIL HAMMER for them.

    McBans complete list
    HappyDiggers TFC on MCBans:
    HappyDiggers MC on MCBans:

    HappyDiggers TFC bans

    HappyDiggers MC bans

    Note: these are old bans, this list is incomplete. For more recent bans look at the MCBans links above.
    Ban Hammered players:
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