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    Vanilla Server villager breeding limitations?

    J, is there a limitation put on villagerbreeding in the Vanilla server?

    The infinite breeder setup at ava's base stops at 32 villagers. (I wanted to get 40 villagers)
    I can't wrap my head around what's stops the villagers from breeding. They do show hearts but no extra villagers after some time observing them.

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    It's Vanilla. That means no mods, no plugins. Everything you see is Minecraft the way Mojang made it.

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    tx J, I thought so but had to be sure.

    If anybody here is an expert on villagerbreeding, I ask you to come take a look and tell me what's missing/wrong.
    Vanillaserver x= 163 z=586 not that far away from spawn.

    So Ava and I made an underground iron farm, which did work a little, but I wanted to make a bit faster. The first set of villager were bred underground with no problem. But then I noticed the hearts stopped appearing and the breeding stopped.
    So I removed all the doors and made a villagerbreeder above the ground. This give me a bit of hope as hearts appeared again but no extra villagers were bred.

    The hearts seem to appear only at 1 villager at a time, which is kind of strange and it doesn't appear to be just bad luck with the timing because the last couple of hours it's been like this.

    I also took away/replaced other wooden doors in the neighbourhood.

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    If you're at Ava's there is a nearby village west of there that MIGHT be interfering. I can't say for certain if it is but I know villages have to be very far away from each other to not interfere.

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    Yes, I took the doors out from 2 'nearby' villages but that didn't help. The underground villagers do seem to be a little influenced from the breeder above every now and then a villager shows hearts (although as far as I know it shouldn't keep the villagerbreeder from breeding).

    The hearts that the villagers show, are mostly shortlived (shorter than normal) so something seems to be interfering, but I can't see what unfortunately. It looks as if the villagers can't keep focus.
    I don't really know how village chaining works, but after removing all the doors that shouldn't be a problem I think.

    Although the breeder has bred 3 more villagers (which feel more like a fluke than anything else) but that's after hours and hours, it should be a whole lot faster than that.

    If it doesn't pick up today, I'm gonna do one last thing, take the breeder far away (128 blocks) from the already existing villagers at ava's base.
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    Hm, that is odd. I've had similar problems before but always just in the beginning. Have you tried a completely fresh set of villagers? It would be a tedious process..

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