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    Town spawns made to be death traps

    I like to explore and one of the ways that I do it is to teleport to towns that have a public spawn point and then head away from there - far away as I try to respect the immediate area around a town. I can understand closing off a spawn point to make a town unreachable to control griefing but making the spawn point a death trap and still having the public spawn set to true is just bad form. Lusitania is one such town. Solrakyn has set the town's spawn point inside dirt blocks and I died because of it losing quite a bit of stuff including a full set of leather armor and a full set of bronze tools (pick, ax, shovel, propick, and sword, not to mention food, drinking vessels, blah blah blah). Everything is replaceable so I'm not overly miffed about that. However, to keep this from happening to others they should just set their town spawn to off or box off the spawn point. What Lusitania's owner has done with his is just down-right horrible. BTW, I've never griefed or stolen anything - feel free to check the logs!

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    Turning town spawn into a death trap would fall under rule #1. Respect the staff and other players.

    I've added the example of turning town spawn into a death trap to the rules list and set an announcer message for it.

    @admins, could you please go to those towns and change their spawns for them? A small room with a door and a sign saying: "You're not welcome here. Please leave." should suffice. And if you see the town members tell them not to turn it into death traps again.

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    I changed their spawn to a small shack with a door so there won't be any problems left. I've been able to recover your stuff since it didn't despawn so I got them in a chest in your town. There are all your tools and armor you had (its in the house btw)

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    Thank you Marius (& J). I really appreciate that. I could've replaced them but having them returned is great! Gotta love a staff that knows how to treat their players!!!

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    I don't think people make those spawns just to tell you they don't want you there. I think it's just so they can take your items and/or annoy you.

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