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    Un-Ban Appeal for the TFC server

    Hey, on 25/4/2014 I was banned . I assume it was because I swore a few hours beforehand in general chat, but the reason was not initially given. Looking at chat on the dynamic map i saw he originaly banned me for scamming, I think the person who banned me was mis-informed, i was arguing the point of someone who allegedly scammed someone else, And their argument was flooding the chat. I realise me joining the argument was a mistake. He then stated it was because i swore. I joined the server after i was given the I.P not knowing the rules and instantly teleported to my friends town therefor missing the signs at spawn. I assumed the plug in would handle any griefing and bad language. I apologies for not taking people's warnings seriously. After seeing people use abbreviated swear words (shet, fuk) i assumed it wasn't due to the server rules, but rather personal preference.

    I apologies for swearing and regret it greatly. I'd be fine with being muted if i was to be unbanned, as long as i could continue playing with my friends.

    Yours truly: Skits_Vicious
    P.S I'd be happy to discuss the matter over teamspeak.

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    Don't lie to me, I hate it when people lie to me. You were told exactly why you were banned.

    Also, I am informed well enough thank you very much. You got banned for violating our main server rule: respect the staff and other players. Here's an portion of general chat where you act like a complete jerk.

    People who think I have a problem with swearing are wrong. It's not the swearing that bothers me, it's what's behind the swearing. When you use such language you are without a doubt not respecting other people. That is also why I haven't cracked down on people saying "shet". They are aware that they can't go around abusing other people and they at least try to adjust their behavior to that. Their succes varies, but I'm not expecting everybody to act like saints.

    Saying you didn't know the server rules must really be one of the dumbest reasons for acting like you did. It means you will act like you did, unless someone with authority forces you to stop. Do I look like someone who wants to spend time dealing with your crap? I can tell you right now, no one in the HappyDiggers staff (or anyone else for that matter) is sitting around waiting for people to act like you did. We've got better things to do.

    Despite the fact that you don't respect us. We will treat you with a certain amount of courtesy by giving you this responce to your appeal.

    I am going to lift your ban on one condition. You get kromeblade to vouch for you here, and you guys are going to be the friendliest people on the server. That means, if either one of you as much as sais something unfriendly in public or private chat, if either one of you is less then helpful to other players, is either one of you acts unfriendly in any way: you will both get a ban from which there is no return.

    To be clear: this will require an active role from both of you. I will not have you guys ignore the rest of the community. You will be an active part of it or you can leave.

    Keep in mind that everything you type in your chat box is logged, and I mean everything. Chat, private chat, commands, everything. Also all your interactions with the world are logged. Blocks you place/break, items you pick up, inventories you open, machines you access, everthing.

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    I promise we will both never break the rules again and will be active too, nothing like this will ever happen again.

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