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    Resetting the world for b78.10, what's your thoughts?
    It is recommended that you create a new world when playing 78.10 to get the full effect of the changes, but is not required. Since 10 changes a number of worldgen settings and makes trees spawn properly where they weren't before, there is a fairly noticeable difference in worldgen between this and previous versions.
    So, these changes will only apply to new chunks within the current world, that means if we want to have a seamless world and apply these changes, we'll need to reset the world.

    What's your opinions on doing this?

    Please note, I will not reset the world without getting a large enough amount of Yes votes.
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    From those notes, the only major things I see are that new chunks will have the missing trees (Willow, Maple, White Cedar, and White Elm) and that there won't be ravines trying to go under rivers. I was actually planning to go on an expedition to find those trees in some new chunks when we updated. I wouldn't try a world reset unless there was an overwhelming benefit to this. I would just maybe randomly plant some saplings of those missing trees in some areas near spawn and maybe give some stacks of saplings of those missing trees to people that really want them.

    Edit: As I was writing this post, it appears they already released 78.11. But I still think we should just make those saplings available to people and also plant them near well traveled areas.
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    I think it's too soon to do another server restart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kodekatt View Post

    What's your opinions on doing this?
    To build a great TFC community i think you need a server thats not resetted after small changes in the mod. People wont be motivated to put a lot of time in it. Besides as i read it, we have acces to the trees if we just go and explore a little and generate new chunks. Exploring is 50% of the minecraft fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanifu View Post
    To build a great TFC community i think you need a server thats not resetted after small changes in the mod.
    Agree 100%

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    Could admins fly to uncreated chunks where new world generetion will work, create there town, called BraveNewWorld for example and make it publick like second spawn point with new world mechanic? So everyone could spawn there and use new features

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    I'm gonna sit on the fence for this one. I myself have just been taken my time. But. I do know allot of peeps have been spending a ton of time playing and are finally over the famine stage, into red steel and making there first "omg how many steel sheets do I need?!?!"-----> blast forge. Some people may hang themselves if there is a world reset.

    Tenterros idea would be the most accommodating way to keep us out of the world news headlines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roadie View Post
    "omg how many steel sheets do I need?!?!"-----> blast forge.
    10/10. Too many people are crying about how hard it is to make the blast furnace. I think it adds challenge to an important step in the game. It was too easy before.

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    Ha! You guys should try making a fusion reactor in GregTech. TFC is for wimps

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    Try and make a blast furnace with crazy decay, tornado, lightning, cave-ins and mobs all around all that at once. That would be a challenge :P I wonder if they will ever add earthquakes, erupting volcanoes and floods... maybe a tsunami too. The BF "levolution" would work too, imagine a mountain falling on ya instead of that sky scraper!

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