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    SmallWorld whitelist application

    Small World Info and Whitelist Application

    Small World

    Introducing the newest addition to the Happy Diggers servers, "Small World" a white-listed, vanilla-like server with a bounded building region.

    This is a pre-generated map that is an ellipsoid of 600 by 1000 blocks in radius with plugins:

    • Lockette
    • Dynmap
    • Essentials
    • Minebans
    • Prism
    • NoCheatPlus

    To apply for the white-list, we would like you to do two things.

    1. Subscribe (and stay subscribed) to this YouTube channel:
    2. Register on this forum and complete the form below, so that the community can better know who you are.

    YouTube name you subscribed with(post a screenshot to speed up process):
    Minecraft name:
    Why would you like to play on our server?
    Will you help us make the server a fun place for this community?



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    Is this server creative or survival?

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    SmallWorld is survival.

    However on the server, where SmallWorld is a part of, there is also 1 creative world and several other survival worlds.

    SmallWorld is the world we look at players to consider for our V.I.P. members. So if you would like to get noticed in a positive way, that's a good place to start

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    Wink Whitelist

    Youtube Name: dima polidva
    Minecraft Name: sx399
    I love gregtech and I have been looking for a good dedicated server to play on and this server looks good to me! I LOVE to build and use technology and I am very nice player, meaning that I respect staff and players. Iam looking forward to be whitelisted on ftb big server, but I guess I have to start from small server first to prove that I deserve to play on another server...Thank you for your time
    Last Question: Hell YEAH I WILL!!!!!!!!!!
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    What kind of server do you think you're applying to? The new Minecraft server is currently being tested. It contains the new Small World map which is a close-to-vanilla experience. No GregTech or other tech mods can be found there

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    Well, that does suck....but I guess I have to play in there first to get on a server I want to get on which is ftn happy diggers...How long is going to be closed for? How long do I have to play there to gain trust or "VIP membership"? I really think your community is good and I would love to join you as soon as possible...
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    There is no set time, when you will get V.I.P. One of the staff/VIPs will have to say 'I would like blah blah blah on this server' and, everyone will have to agree.

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    I think what ethe is trying to say is that we usually vote once a month to add a new member to the V.I.P. group

    Those new members are usually chosen from players that frequent our public servers. Currently that's mainly the TFC server.

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    Alright, fair enough Do you have an idea when the server will be running again?

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    In the coming months and hopefully before 2015! :P

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