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    Article: Help test our new MC server

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    I found a second Trader Barry hiding behind the wheat fields next to the river He has clones!

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    I love it! I've found a couple bugs though.
    -passive mobs don't spawn past the first few islands, roughly 600+ blocks past spawn.
    -Brewing stands can't be used if there's a block above them, and if placed in a spot with a block above them they can't be removed until any block below them is removed. This includes blocks that aren't full height. Placing a lockette sign overrides this behavior.
    -a wooden door, once clicked on, will stay in this state unless updated with a constant redstone signal. (I.e. if the door is placed closed and opened, it will be impossible to close by hand.) Again, lockette overrides this behavior.

    I hope this is helpful. Next to amp this may be my new favorite server.

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