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    On April 28th I made a post about some things I couldn't find. KodeKatt kindly gave me back the things I remembered having lost, but I forgot to write one thing I had lost. The thing is that I only remembered the stuff I had placed down and the things I had put in a chest, but I forgot to check another chest where I had a bloomery block, and today, when I was moving the things I had in the chests to my new base, I realized I didn't have it.

    I'm REALLY sorry I didn't notice this before, but when Katt gave me the things back, they didn't check the blocks I had placed, they just gave me the ones I asked for. If it's not too late, I'd like to have an admin/mod check the chest where I had put my bloomery to see if I can have it back.

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    There were only two crucibles placed that I saw. I can't confirm the bloomery, however people have had theirs go missing constantly. If I catch you online, or if you see another admin online, just mention to them about it missing.

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