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    Horses cause Lags!

    The last days I couldnt play even a bit without lags. And I'm pretty sure the problem is that the horses breed much too fast and in every horde already are like 100 horses!
    I would say they should get disabled, so everybody can play happy on the happydiggers TFC server.

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    This is a known issue and it is taken care of periodically by the admins. If you server lag gets too high for it to be playable, an admin goes on a killing spree.

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    The lag already got too high!
    I log in and after 2 mins i get kicked because of lags! :/

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    That doesn't prove anything, let alone that the horses are the cause of the lag you are experiencing.

    Please post the coordinates where you experience the lag so staff can investigate your problem. (<- Why do I have to keep asking people for this?)

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    InsaneJ it's well known that the horse issue is the source of a lot of the server's lag issues. Not just locally, but server wide. Of the average 1-2.5k entities on the server about 1,000 are horses. I know that there's little server staff can do, but perhaps a server broadcast letting people know would help ease some worries?

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    With that said about horses:

    Version 0.78.13
    Bug Fixes
    • Food without proper NBT can no longer be placed in a vessel or food prep slots.
    • Corrected some derps with chicken and pheasant egg laying.
    • Nest boxes will no longer attract pheasant.
    • Fixed upper half of player inventory drawing too big a rectangle.
    • Fixed a number of issues related to horse breeding.
    • Fix ClassCastException while checking armor
    • Added non-tool metal sheets to heat index so double sheets can be made
    • Changed stalactite breaking texture

    • Tweaked the decay formula. This was actually an undocumented change from 78.12 that was released in a stealth update.
    • Changed the good nutrition hunger death prevention from 50% to 85%. If your average nutrition is above 85% then being hungry will not kill you.
    • In order to prevent sheepicide, wolves no longer attempt to slaughter them on sight and sheep now run away when they detect a wolf or bear nearby.
    • Chicken AI can now deal with not being able to reach a nest box. They should also be able to see nest boxes that are slightly above them.
    • Bears no longer run away when hit.
    • Wolves and bears should now properly damage the player when attacking.
    • Gold pan once again inserts directly into inventory, plays item pickup sound on success
    • Modified water drip particles on stalactites so they don't hang in midair.

    So perhaps this next version will fix that issue...

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    We can hope, the server actually spoke to Dunk ourselves and told him about that bug

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