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    New Mayor for IronHills & King for Myrstone.

    Okies folks, Moress got banned recently & now we of Myrstone need a new king & those of you in the capitol need a new Mayor :P So, discuss who might be the candidates & once we've a majority we can let one of the admins know & a new mayor/king can be instated ^_^

    LEDlump, Town Assistant of North_Harvest Out! *poofs*

    Edit: Oh & a preferred form would be like this↓

    Your Vote(s?)
    Mayor Candidates:
    [name] - [current/upvoted number]
    [name] - [current/upvoted number]

    King Candidates:
    [name] - [current/upvoted number]
    [name] - [current/upvoted number]

    [If bringing in a new candidate please provide a description why here]

    2nd Edit: Also, this is the candidacy vote :P

    A description of why who you've chosen for mayor/king candidacy is recommended & preferred, but not required :P

    ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー

    Elected Mayor of IronHills -Jpstorf.
    Elected King/Leader of Myrstone - [TBA]
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    I nominate and vote Jpstorf for mayor. He, along Moress, is the most devouted player to the future of our town. Or at least is what I saw on the 4 days i spent on the town (and more to come).

    I dont know who should i nominate as king as i dont know the rest of people in the nation outside my town.

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    Ahh, It seems that I'm gone for awhile, It sucks but I do admit I had it coming for what happened. One day I may return, the future holds all kinds of mysteries.
    As for now, I deem JPS my role as both Mayor of IronHills and King of Myrstone. I apologize to everyone for doing what I did.

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    As far as I'm concerned Moress has no say in the matter. He's lost that privilege.

    Just vote for whichever mayor you guys want.

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    I vote JP as mayor and king (If that is possible) He is the most active in the town.

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    I vote Jp he is the most active in town, but for King of the nation im not sure.

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    Jpstorf has been set to the new owner.

    I'm a cat!

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