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    About the lag issue. Some adjustments have been made to help.

    TFC is very poorly (or really not at all) optimized for servers. Especially not large populated servers such as ours. The issue isn't the system the TFC server is running on, the issue is the mod itself.
    I've spent a lot of effort and time to try to reduce the amount of lag as much as I can, and it appears to have helped, but can't eliminate the lag, it's only made it less severe during peak times, which is all we can hope to do.
    As many of you know, I've been killing off the mass hoards of horses that have plagued the world due to a severe bug that took a large amount of time to be found, addressed, and fixed. I try to leave a few horses every time I do this, renaming them to "Horse (Protected)" so that when I do a kill-all, it only targets entities named "Horse" and leaves the 'protected' ones alone. I've also been adjusting the configuration files to try to help reduce overall lag. When the server has around 30 people, it's running almost 10ms less time per tick than it was a few days ago, which is a really good amount, however when it scales up to 40+ players online, it's still going to lag.

    What actually causes the lag?
    Entities, chunks with lots of stuff, charcoal pits, chunks with no apparent cause for using ¾ms to 1ms of processing time, chunks being loaded rapidly due to players teleporting or quickly travelling during peak population (because TFC plays 'catch up' on food and animals when the chunk is loaded after having been unloaded in order to apply animal birth and food decay, and possibly other things, too), and various other factors.
    I monitor the server logs and events. You guys teleport quite often. During peak times, there's about a teleport done every 4-6 seconds. To put this into perspective, you guys teleport over twice as often as you type a line of text to one another. It's not a big amount of lag, and it's not very noticeable, but it all adds up, every little thing adds up. I'm only explaining this so that you understand the sources of the lag.

    Many have requested and suggested to lower the player limit.
    Think about this for a moment.
    If we lower the player count to eliminate lag, you may not be able to play on the server very often, not without spending a large amount of time typing to slip into an open slot when one opens. Would you rather deal with the lag, or not get to play when you want to play, and then also have friends not able to log in either?
    This suggestion does not fix the problem. It applies a band-aid, and then creates a new (much bigger) problem.
    Less players means less loaded chunks, less entities, less lag. However, we can't make there be less players without it affecting everyone negatively. This is an OPEN server, it will not be set to white-list, and we will not make a white-listed one.

    Please understand the following:
    This has not eliminated lag. Lag will still exist. The lag can not be completely removed without impairing YOUR ability to play more than the lag does.

    I do everything I can for all of you, and I just hope you can understand that there's a limit to what can be done to help this problem.

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    Remember when I asked if the teleporting costs hunger? Could this actually be implemented to discurage frequent teleports?

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    Katt did a great job explaining why the server is lags during peak hours

    The hardware on which the server runs is pretty much as fast as you're going to get. There is no system available that would make a meaningful difference from what we have now in regards to Minecraft server performance.

    That makes the choice very simple. Impose a player limit of somewhere between 20 and 30, or try to deal with lag when more players are on.

    I don't care either way. But I do care about whiny ingrates who complain all the time. It makes me feel like banning them.

    Please voice your opinion in a civil manner.

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    I wouldn't mind if i only had 4-5 teleports a day. I wouldn't mind if its removed completely either.
    I fear of decay if we couldnt have our food storage close to freezing temp, though.
    We set the pantry past 15k z above 250 y and settled the town itself close to ecuator so that crops never pop out when no body is online

    Edit: An by day i mean real life day

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    Hey that is great dude. Some of my suggestions fall in line with some of the others but a reduced amount of teleports, if any. Also a great way to reduce lag is to keep the server on automatic restarts ever say (5?) hours. Restarting is a great way to reduce the lag and to have it go automatically would help a lot, the only time I have experiences Lag on the server it had been open for about 14 hours and had over 4000 mobs loaded XD. Well I hope my suggestions helped, good luck

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    I've yet to log in and ever see even close to 3k mobs loaded. A reset every 5 hours really won't do a lot to help, that's usually done to flush memory leaks and fix chunks that are stuck loaded and don't unload, which the server is already configured to take care of.

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    10/10 Kode Great work KK

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    ccould the server config file be edited to reduce the mob cap/player radius?

    i know this has worked on other vanilla servers i have been on, not sure if it would help or if it even possible here takes a little away from the game, but... i saw 20-30 mobs spawn in my render distance, i would hate to see how many really did spawn. i swear, this mod increases spawn rates, that coupled with less caves for them to spawn in, make a very dangerous.. and laggy terrain

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