I was playing on the TFC server for a bit when I decided to log off as it got to night time in the game because I couldn't do much then, and was in my townhall when I logged off. Watching the dynmap, I log on when it's day again to find I've died at the bottom of a nearby cliff. I respawn, reconnect, and get my stuff, and decided to log off again in my townhall since it was storming and still dangerous in game. I log back on once again to find myself dead in the same spot, reconnect, and my stuff had despawned this time.

The main things I lost were:
1 fishing rod
1 water jug
1 copper pickaxe
Two native copper ore

If an admin could please replace those I'd be very thankful, though I could work and get them again, I really don't want to since it seems to have been a bug that caused my death. I'm not very far in TFC and barely get any copper.

Not really sure how this instant death thing happened... heard one other person complain about it on the TFC server, though don't know what happened with their situation.
Happened yesterday, May 14th, but couldn't post due to an activation email never seeming to be sent at all. Got that fixed up at least, though there was still never an email... xD