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Thread: Donations ideas

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    Donations ideas

    Hey guys, Donations are a great thing for a lot of servers, I'm sure this server has had its ups and downs with it too. Here are my ideas to boost the server's donations and etc.

    New player cap: It hasn't been around too long but we all know of it now. I don' think it is entirely bad, the lag I experienced when I first joined was awful, but now it is actually very minor. The lag being reduced there is one MAJOR boo-boo though: The fight to get on. I have tried to play this server with my IRL friends but normally either one or none of us can get on making it frustrating. I say we (one idea is to leave a spot open for you for 30 seconds after logging off since I have to relog a lot ) Implement it to where whenever you donate a said amount of money (5-10$) you get a reserved spot so even when the server is full you can still join bypassing the player limit.
    Pros: huge bump in donations, less of a fight to log onto the server
    Cons: many non donors will not be able to get on and lag may slightly increase as well.

    Tool kit: I know it may seem a little lame but would be a huge motivator for people who want tools and want them now. At first you may think that is a little cheaty but do realize this: Once the tools break they can't do many new things, it would just be nice way to speed things up, they still wouldn't have a crucible or anything to advance ages. They would still be in the copper age or bronze age even if they did have that one set of black steel tools.

    Special names/Ranks: Everyone wants to feel special, a purple name or a nickname and [Pro] next to their name makes them feel good. Just do it!

    Help me out: I can't think of every cool thing you could get for donating. Help me out and post some ideas or criticism.

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    Tool kits would utterly ruin the game play and mind-set of a terrafirmacraft server. If you make a pickaxe then mine things that don't lead to another pickaxe you're doing it wrong. Also once a server starts giving out in game items for donations things ultimately start to go down hill fast.

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    Out of the 2223 (currently) players who have played on the current server world, only 1 (who wasn't a staff member) has made a donation.

    Am I really to turn this server into a business? I guess I've always preferred not to think of thousands of people as ingrates.

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    donation perks for terrafirms? hmm seems kinda against the point of the mod,
    i know i'm new here, but there are not many terra servers out there that are public and free.. only been here a day (yes insane i broke down and modded my client)

    the lag seems managable considering, as for player cap.. aslong as it has times i can get on ii'll manage

    an hour of two entertainment a day, well worth a donation of a few bucks here and there,

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