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    Well crap. Corruption got me.

    I know this has happened to numerous people and im guessing numerous towns are now full of corrupted chunks. But i seemed to have teleported to one and it crashed the server, so im kind of screwed unless i can get a coord reset Im sorrrrrrrryyyyyyy. im curious as to what is making these multiply

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    You've been reset.

    They aren't multiplying. People just all went to the same place and kept wondering why the server would crash if they did that. It's quite amazing really.

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    I think this may have something to do with the fact that the server was not reset when build 78 had a new terrain generation. Could it be?

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    Very VERY Appreciated, thank you J you always fix people <3. The good thing is i saw what was causing it right before we crashed. Someone used some tool to delete about 16 chunks side by side down the the void. Then they filled the empty space with what seemed to be thousands upon thousands of chiseled wooden blocks. Not sure if this helps but im just saying what i saw. Thanks though!

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    That was me and those were Ash doors I posted my findings here:

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