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    Now that it's apparent there will be no 25c , can we get updated to 25b? 25a has some major bugs that make it nigh unplayable.

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    Ill try and update the server

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    Thanks. While this is one of the buggiest releases since SMP started working, there are some real major changes for the better.

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    Indeed, my former request is no longer relevant. Put this poor snapshot out of its misery with your ultimate power!

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    Updated to 14w25b with a fresh world as usual.

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    Aw yiss. Another map, another dead dragon flyin.

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    D'oh I knew that would happen......w26a

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    14w26b even, though on the serverlist in the client it says 14w25a, the server has been updated to 14w26b.

    Edit: nm, just had to update the motd

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    Yeah, in the time it took to read the notes, go downstairs and do a couple things, it changed that fast.

    wxxb usuually comes pretty quick, wxxc is rare but happens.

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    I hope they name the next one 27 b stroke 6.

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