I went to terrafarm to to get to a relatively untouched place to mine, i was greeted by a death trap spawn point in his wall. I have made a ticket and the spawn has been fixed however i was informed that tho i did not die of my own doing, that (as though unfairly losing my levels again wasn't bad enough) NONE of my things would be reimbursed.
after i stated in the chat that this place is a death trap someone else spawned there and died (don't remember name) and has probably been there keeping it loaded thus despawning both of our things. so this is how i lost my new red steel boots, new red pick, and new red and blue buckets. i had much more on me of course but i don't think i need to state just how hard it is to make red and blue steel.

so in conclusion my question is:
is this true? that anyone can kill someone and they will lose the HOURS they have put into making those things? That NOTHING will be done to right this wrong?