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    But then you wouldn't even need to pelt anything at their face if they don't lose anything
    if you could keep levels too that would be magnificent. i have died more times at a towns spawn than in any other way. I can"t exactly go whining about it every time, can I? fredodquartier that would be game changing in my opinion, its sad i have to fear going to others town.

    is there a was to enact the gamerule keepinventory for about 30sec after sending the command for town spawn?
    but still have it set to false any other time?
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    actually that would not work since tfc is not compatible with many bukkit methods, but what i coud do is modify the town plugin to enable nbt edition so it can reset the player.dat in the case someone dies in the 9 town spawn chunks and cancel all drops. so Ill try doing that, or maybe better: a plugin addon

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