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    Theft and greifing

    So I have been a law abiding citizen of hobbiton, a subject of Mayor tremen2 for about a week now. I have been following his rules and the server rules to the best of my ability. Well, I came back online yesterday to find out that tremen had changed the rules of the town due to the fact that a payer named CupcakeGal1929 has been ruining our farms, stealing our metals, killing our cows, chopping down our trees, not listening at all the the town assistant Leo_Atradies and keeping more than her fair share of stuff locked up, until she took her [Private] signs off of them and ran off with god knows what. I have already submitted a ticket in game (Ticket #352) and now I am coming here to give u evidence of her and what she has done. I have screen shots as evidence. She has broken the rules of the server and been nothing but a nuisance for the past 2 days or more. Thank you for reviewing this matter in a timely fashion. Have a good day.
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    Your ticket was already resolved on the server but the admin didn't report back here yet. So this is just to let you know the player in question has been banned.

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    heh, the most tense moment of my minecraftian life... when she shouted "ILL THROW ALL YOUR INGOTS INTO THE LAVA BASTARD" she had her inv full of our town's ingots, that is, about 800 ingots... (cupcakegal) heh, never thought my diplomatic skills were good, but i convinced her to give the ingots back.

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