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    Build 79 is Here

    Build 79 is here

    Oct 05 2014 10:14 PM | Bioxx in Articles

    This is a very long changelog and I'm sure that I've missed a lot.

    Please be aware that the wiki is now outdated in many areas and will take some time to reflect all of the new changes.

    Full changelog after the jump.
    TFC 0.79.0 Changelog
    Minecraft 1.7 is known to have very bad lighting calculations which are exacerbated by TFC’s 256 height worlds. As a result, minecraft may run very poorly with TFC installed. To fix this and many other issues with minecraft performance it is highly recommended that you use FastCraft by Player . This mod is optional and can be run by both a server or client to correct issues with vanilla code.

    • Rewrote barrels into a much more useful and user friendly block. Barrels now contain two tabs, one for liquid storage and one for solid storage. The liquid storage interface is very similar to the old barrel UI from 78 but now provides better information when processing items inside the barrel. Additionally, TFC barrels function as a Liquid container for any forge liquids from other mods (Hooray compatability!). The solid storage tab is only available if there is no liquid in the barrel. Similarly if the player places more than one item in the barrel, the liquid tab is disabled.

    • Added Large Ceramic Vessel that acts as a lower tech version of the barrel in all respects. It can only hold 5000mb of liquid which is half the capacity for the normal barrel and only has 9 slots for solid storage instead of 12. As mentioned before, the tech level is lower which means that some recipes like alcohol simply aren’t available until you have a barrel.
    • Added capacity for wearable objects. At this time we’ve opted to start slowly with only items that are carryable on your back. If you have an item in your inventory that has been marked as too heavy for normal carrying, you will be unable to move until the item is removed or it is placed on your back. These items will render correctly as though you are carrying it. Examples of carryable objects would be sealed barrels and anvils.
    • Added 2 new meal types, Sandwiches and Salads. Removed the old generic Meal and redesigned the food prep interface. Sandwiches have a higher max food weight value than other meal types and the entire thing is eaten in one use instead of increments. Additionally sandwiches give a 25% boost to filling over other food types. Salads on the other hand are your basic meal and are incredibly easy to create.
    • All foods now have tastes associated with them. Each player also has a specific preferred taste profile that is determined by the players name and the world seed.
      • When players make meals they want to get the taste profile of the meal to match the taste profile of whomever is going to consume the meal as closely as possible because this increases both the satisfaction(which makes food last longer) and the nutritional value of the meal for that player(I’m aware this isn’t realistic please don’t make threads about it).
      • All foods have a base taste profile which is then modified by various factors. In the case of animals, the modified taste is random(I want to expand upon this to make it more controlled in the future). When it comes to crops however, the modified taste value is directly influenced by the environment in which it is grown and can be controlled by the player (Again I want to expand upon this in the future to make it more transparent).
      • When making a meal, all of the tastes are added together to determine the taste of the meal. This is pretty straight forward.

    • Completely changed the way in which animals are tamed. Gone are the days when a few bones are enough to create a wolf army.
      • Instead of being tamed with a bone, wolves will only follow players
      • All wolves will sit if tied to a fence post and stand if tied to a player
      • All animals now have a familiarity value which needs to be increased
      • Familiarity can be increased by performing a particular action at least once a day
        • for wolves, this means shift-right clicking to pet them
        • for cows, sheep, chickens, and pigs this means feeding them grain
        • for bears, this means feeding them fish
        • for horses, this means feeding them grain, however after a certain point, the horse will no longer become familiar this way, and instead will only become familiar by riding it for an average of 30 seconds per day
        • for deer, this means feeding them salt

      • Certain familiarity levels are required to interact with animals in certain ways such as milking cows, shearing sheep, riding horses, breeding animals, and naming animals
      • Familiarity will decrease slightly each day if it hasn’t reached a certain level and you haven’t interacted with the animal
      • Familiarity has a set cap after which it can no longer be increased in adult animals. Baby animals can always increase their familiarity, and do so much faster than adults.
      • Baby animals retain 50% of their mother’s familiarity when born, unless she is close to maximum familiarity, in which case they will retain 90% of it

    • Adjusted pregnancy times for animals and the length of time for them to reach adulthood:
      • Bear*: gestation time: 7 months. Adult age: 60 months
      • Chicken/Pheasant*: Adult age: 4.14 months
      • Cow: gestation time: 9 months. Adult age: 36 months
      • Deer*: gestation time: 7 months. Adult age: 24 months
      • Horse: gestation time: 11.17 months. Adult age: 30 months
      • Pig: gestation time: 3.7 months. Adult age: 15 months
      • Sheep: gestation time: 5 months. Adult age: 12 months
      • Wolf: gestation time: 2.25 months. Adult age: 9 months

    [* Animal currently can’t be bred]

    • Deer, bears, and wolves are now considered wild, and will despawn and respawn.
    • Any animal that has been roped at least once won’t despawn, in case you want to keep them around
    • Added name tag crafting recipe: marking, paper, string
    • Right-click a name tag to give it a name
    • Fishing has been rewritten to provide a much more rewarding experience.
      • Hold right click to charge the fishing rod when casting
      • Reel in the bobber by right clicking
      • When a fish bites onto the line, try to reel it in without letting the line snap

    • Added Prospecting and Butchering Skills.
      • Leveling up your prospecting skill will cause less false negatives to occur. It also has a role to play in panning for ores, causing higher tier ores to be available to find. Example: Reaching Adept level unlocks silver to be found from panning.
      • Butchery skill is gained when killing any animal. As this increases, more meat will drop from animals that are killed. As a result of this, the amount of meat dropped at low levels is drastically reduced. With no skill in butchery, only 1% of current amounts will drop as usable meat to simulate the players lack of knowledge about general animal anatomy.

    • Agriculture skill level now affects the ability to view nutrient levels of crops. You must be an Expert to get this information.
    • Added weather and time based fog effects where fog will close in during inclement weather or early in the mornings.
    • Overhauled Jungles so that they are no longer barren and just plain terrible. Ground shrubs and vines once again inhabit these regions.
    • Condensed support beams into a single item and totally rewrote how they are placed in the world. Horizontal beams can only be placed between two vertical beams and can not be placed individually anymore. If any horizontal block breaks, the entire beam will break causing the ceiling to lose support. The changes to rock were made to encourage the use of these blocks more.
    • Reduced the hardness of all raw stone blocks to allow for easier mining. Increased the rate at which raw stone collapses to make tunneling far more dangerous. Raw stone also reacts to stone being broken in a larger area to prevent certain ways to get around this mechanic. Smooth Stone and Stone Bricks have had their hardness increased greatly to make them a more defensive material.
    • Reduced the hardness of player placed logs to make using logs a more attractive option in building.
    • Updated sluice rendering. The sluice was the very first minecraft block that I ever created and its age showed. The block has received a visual overhaul even though its basic mechanics have not changed at all. In a future hotfix/build I will update it once again to show the type of wood from which it was made.
    • Torches now burn out after roughly 48 in game hours. They can easily be relit by right clicking them with a torch in your inventory. Additionally you can create new torches by right clicking on a placed torch with a stick. This is not as efficient as creating them in a firepit but is useful when on the move.
    • Rewrote how charcoal pits are created. They’ve finally reached my original vision. Firepits are no longer needed for the creation of charcoal(this was always weird right?). Instead after creating your pile of log piles and covering it over, you drop a torch on top of any logpile. After a few seconds, the torch will disappear and that logpile will mark itself for charcoal creation. It will then propagate this to all log piles that it touches. At this point it should be fully covered over lest the whole thing burn up.
    • Rewrote and reenabled armor stands.
    • Added loom for cloth creation.
      • Place string on the loom with right click. (16 wool yarn or 24 spider string)
      • hold shift-right click once full to begin to weave the threads together
      • once the loom stops operating, right click to remove your cloth
      • silk and wool can be used interchangeably to make carpets, beds and paintings

    • Baby zombies have been disabled. Zombie reinforcements are now correctly TFC variants instead of vanilla.
    • Thatch blocks are no longer a solid block. They’ve been redesigned to more correctly match their intended purpose as an early game roofing material. We feel that with the changes to the chopping speed of placed logs, this will have a positive effect on the way players interact with the world. As it was, thatch was an incredibly cheap magic block much the same way that peat used to be.
    • Skills now properly sync to the player upon respawning.
    • Added Smoke racks for smoking and drying foods. The food must first be brined in... you guessed it Brine. This is a combination of 10% Vinegar and 90% Saltwater. After a food has been brined it can be stored in a container full of vinegar to pickle the food and drastically increase its shelf life.
    • Added shears recipe to the anvil. This is created with two wrought iron knife blades.
    • Added wrought iron grill for cooking up to 6 food items at once.
    • Very heavy modifications to worldgen.
      • Overall, oceans should be smaller than in 78.
      • Added Lake biomes full of fresh water.
      • Added gravel beaches straddle rocky/hilly areas and oceans
      • All beaches are now relatively flat and only 1-3 blocks above sea level. They are also feature stone cliffs between them and their neighboring land biome which simulates tidal erosion. I think this is an incredibly beautiful feature. i hope you guys like it as much as I do -B

    • Crops now properly check for sky access as they grow. Sorry guys, no more underground farms.
    • Berry bushes can now only be placed on grass. They can now be left clicked to harvest them when in season. Enabled Cranberries.
    • Added metal trapdoors which are made by combining any metal sheet with any metal ingot. The sheet will determine the color of the door, and the ingot will determine the color of the hinges. these trap doors can be placed facing any side of a block.

    State of the Mod 9/8/2014

    State of the Mod 8/13/2014

    State of the Mod 7/9/2014
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    Now all we have to do is wait patiently for all the new goodies to come our way

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    State of the Mod update 8/13/2014!

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    Updated State of the Mod for 09/08/2014 edition.

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    Updated thread to reflect the new Build 79.

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    Time to build the new TFC server!

    I'm a cat!

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    Thanks to that guy slapping a DMCA on Bukkit there's no new Bukkit and MCPC+/Cauldron. Let's hope this TFC build works with the latest build of Cauldron without issues or else we'll have to whitelist the server and find creative ways to deal with grief/theft/idiots/etc.

    The new build means we'll have to redo the Towny and Lockette config files in regards to containers that should be locked by those plugins. I'll try to setup a server for us to test those things on later today. Be prepared to do lots of testing and tweaking

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    So the b78 server will get closed in the near future?

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    Only if we manage to get a b79 up and running in a way we're happy with. By the looks of things TFC b79 at this point is not compatible with MCPC+/Cauldron which means we loose all of the plugin functionality. And since it looks like Cauldron is gone for good that doesn't bode well for the new server.

    If we have to solve all the major issues in regards to protection and grief roll back with mods instead of plugins it'll mean we'll be left with a much more vulnerable server if we decide to open it to the public.

    We could of course make it a pay-to-enter server which will keep most of the bad people out. But I doubt many people (including myself) will be happy about that.

    So yeah, we'll have to do some testing and see what we can come up with.

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    This is the current state of affairs:
    • TFC is incompatible with Cauldron and Cauldron is probably not going to get updated anymore.
    • No Cauldron means no Bukkit plugins: Towny, Prism (block logging and rollback), MCBans, tickets, moderator tools and many other plugins we've used to enhance the current server.
    • MyTown2 for Minecraft 1.7.10 isn't working. And even if it was it's currently a very light weight alternative to Towny.
    • ForgeEssentials offers some protection but it's very labor intensive for staff to set up and maintain.

    In short this means that right now there is no way to run a good public TFC server for Minecraft 1.7.10 with all the protection and service we currently have on the 1.6.4 TFC server. At this point the only alternatives I see are:
    • Add a whitelist where players have to jump through a couple of hoops before they can get in. (Still doesn't solve the lack of features and protection)
    • Make the rules more flexible to allow for things like PvP, theft and grief. (Would result in chaos and a lot of complaints we'd have to ignore. This is pretty much how we never want to run servers.)
    • Not make the rules more flexible and have staff monitor way more then they already do. (Would result in tons of work for staff and it would probably make their lives miserable.)
    • Pay-to-enter to keep griefers out and discourage bad behavior. (Banned players get no refund so it would probably keep players in check. However it would be a huge barrier for most players. We wouldn't be getting 8200 unique players on the server that's for sure.)

    Feel free to share your thoughts on this issue.

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