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Thread: A New Challenge

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    A New Challenge

    Hello all! As many of you in the Terrafirmacraft server know, I like to push the limits and build what I can for the community to enjoy. So after a week of seclusion and tinkering, I have finished my work on a very marvelous maze for all to enjoy !

    Use the town spawn of Darius to reach the maze.

    I do ask that everyone that wishes to participate follow my rules written on the side of the maze entrance. Please respect my time and effort I put into this creation and don't use /sethome commands. Also appreciate that this is a large/long maze, so bring plenty of food and water.

    I hope everyone gets a kick out of it !

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    -Current list of Winners!-


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    so lonely... i am so lonely...

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    Today 4 people attempted the labyrinth simultaneously for several hours. It was quite intense, yet nobody succeeded. Hopefully a new victor can be crowned? If there is more activity/interest in the labyrinth I will organize a much more difficult version. Good luck to all! You'll need it.

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    Congratulations CMR99! Another winner

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    Legendair986 is the third to complete it! He is also my brother, which may show you what kind of crazy determined people we are :P
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    Jiro's Maze of Anubis!!!

    Just a fun thing I decided to do, hope you enjoy.

    Watch me live, or not, up to you...

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    GopherAtl is the newest winner of the Labyrinth! Congratulations!

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    Haha, nice video Legendair. I guess Jiro will have to change the secret phrase now

    If you have any more videos you'd like to share, feel free to post them here and/or on the TFC forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InsaneJ View Post
    Haha, nice video Legendair. I guess Jiro will have to change the secret phrase now
    He had already changed it by the time I solved it.

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