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    Hello, i just want to suggest the reset of the map. Not just "cause" but i will ask you all now, would it be more realistic to just do /home or would it be more fun to adventure with the logics of TFC... Well thats my opinion that there should be no teleportaion comands of any sort (except for admins on duty). And if there would be no teleportations jobs like mine (merchant) would be much funner.. i wouldnt take all i need to sell to somebody in my inventory. I would rather put it all in my chests on the donkey and go for a jurney... Its just more natural. And if that hapens this whole comunity could join in to big building projects of roads to every big town. I hope this gets
    aprooved cause i saw some other players wishing for it too.

    P.S. ---> Sorry for my gramar

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    Just because other people are teleporting doesn't mean you should too. They do not influence your game in any way.

    If you want to walk, go ahead. If you want to build more roads, go ahead. Just look at Dynmap, there are a bunch of road projects there already.

    The reason HappyDiggers TFC became so popular is in part due to people having the choice to either teleport or rough it by walking.

    We are not resetting the map just to take away the ability to teleport. Do you have any idea how many hours players have invested in this map? It's crazy

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    I cant just walk or ride when Teleportations are here... lets say, soneone needs Gems. I pack up sit on a donkey and when i say them when will i be there they ask for someone else... Its just not cool... Also i own a tavern and only thing i can sell i rum... when will we be able to make vodka, whiskey, or anything else alcoholic.

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    If you don't want to use teleportation, even in those situations, don't. Make arrangements to meet halfway (ie meet at spawn, you ride there, customer teleports). If they don't want to wait, or type that command into their chat bar, then don't worry about them. They won't be getting hand-delivered gems that day. You may not get as much business, but I'm sure people will respect your no-teleporting playstyle.

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    There is already a plan in place for a large number of dedicated (mostly large town owners) to group together after the next major build update and start a large continent with many special amenities. Included is the obligation not to teleport baring a single "nation" teleport and the spawn teleport. This won't be happening for quite a long time. TerraFirmaCraft is a marathon not a sprint after all. If you're still around at the time you can apply to join the group.

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    i like the idea of a merchant but the map is so big! it would take hours to get to a single mine

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