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    Post Anvil bug

    well since today, a few people on the tfc server had problems with anvils swallowing (munching) double ingots.... can this be fixed and why is this bug i wasted 8 bismuth bronze but i know people who have wasted like 32 ingots and thats a lot of mining and work....


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    Bugs are just a part of playing TerraFirmaCraft unfortunately. Anvils eating ingots isn't entirely uncommon either. Usually the problem is ghosting items that disappear when moved. Shift clicking is more likely to cause this, but the game itself can mis-represent the items as well (blue-print chiseling for example). One way to check for ghosting is to try and move other items that are visible onto the last 2 known slots the ghosted item vanished. Going about your business without checking for ghosting can permanently delete the items.

    Ghosting aside, it's also capable of straight up losing the ingots. If this happens break then re-place the anvil. Preferably on a different space. Make a ticket at the previous anvil site and an administrator will take a look when they have time.

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    no shift clicking involved

    there is no shift clicking involved and it seems mostly to eat the bismuth bronze.... moving didnt help either

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    Anvil Bug Post update

    Confirmed as a bug. Every time you place a bismuth bronze double ingot in the work space in an anvil it will be lost. This is a recent development so it's possible it will be fixable.

    In the mean time. DO NOT PLACE THEM IN THE WORK SLOT. And also note that I don't know why it happens and I don't know how to fix it. So please don't message me in game asking how I can fix it (everyone)

    Administration has been notified on the issue.

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    I have updated the server to the latest Cauldron version. Please check to see if that solved the issue. It's probably best if an admin did that so people don't loose any more ingots.

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    Thank you very much J!

    Confirmed fixed, made a few bismuth bronze sheets. Seems to be working as it should now

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