Server IP:

The server currently runs Minecraft version 1.7.10. Although you may also join the server using Minecraft 1.8 we currently recommend that you use 1.7.10.

This server has the following worlds:
  • Spawn. Custom generated world with floating islands in various biomes including all-ice islands and mushrooms.
  • Earth Bound. Custom world generator which makes the landscape more smooth. This world has server owned shps.
  • Skyblock. Start your own survival island which challenges you to make due with limited resources.
  • SmallWorld. Vanilla-like experience. Has a whitelist, apply for it here.
  • Creative. Offers players various plots to build on using Creative mode.
  • Nether. Regular nether to do nether-things in.

Towny works in the followng worlds:
  • Spawn, Earth Bound, Nether.
  • Nowhere else.

Inventories are shared between the following worlds:
  • Spawn, Earth Bound and Nether
  • Skyblock and nothing else.
  • SmallWorld and nothing else.
  • Creative and nothing else.

Jetpacks can be used in the following worlds:
  • Spawn, Earth Bound and Nether.
  • Nowhere else.
  • Creative world has creative mode flight.

The server is hosted on a 6-core Intel Xeon X5650 @ 3.33GHz with 12GB RAM.

Server intro:

Server commands:

Useful commands:

/towny prices (shows prices for creating towns)
/town new Town_Name (creates a new town called Town_Name)
/town add player (invites a player to join your town. Player may not be part of another town)
/town deposit amount (deposists the given amount of smilies in the town bank. This is needed to buy new plots)
Towny command reference:

/lockette help (use Lockette to lock all your chests, doors, furnaces, etc.)

/prism i (enables/disables the prism inspector)
/prism l r:5 player t:1d (looks up everything player did in a radius of 5 blocks for the past 1 day)
/prism help

/island create (starts a new Skyblock island in the Skyblock world)
/island home (teleports to your island)
/island spawn (teleports you to the Skyblock spawn area)
/island add (add a player to join you on your island)
/island help (Always use /island <command> even if the help doesn't show you this.)

/balance (shows how many smilies you have. Smilies are the currency on this server)
/pay player amount (pays player the given amount of smilies)

/plotme claim (claim a free plot you are standing in on the Creative world)
/plotme home (teleports you to your plot)
/plotme add player (add a player to join you on your plot)
/plotme clear (wipes your plot clean so you can start over again)

More info will be added later as needed. Suggestions are welcome