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Thread: Pet Shop

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    Pet Shop

    Hello everyone Ryan again and Dom was on today and he was making alot of shops and one shop that i would like and alot of other people would like im sure is a pet shop because i think some people need some companions if they are alone so you could just go to the pet shop and get a dog or a cat and no more lonelyness for you!! i would like that because i never find these guys so i would like a way to get them just please consider my offer of helping to build the pet shop or town if you would like because i have some cool ideas for a pet store so thanks and think about it ~Ryan~

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    RE: Pet Shop

    while i do really like this idea, one problem i see if the point of it after a person has bought 2 of the animal. they could just bread them themselves.. maybe someone could think a different way round this or add more eggs like skele and zombies so people could make 'museums' of the mobs..

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    RE: Pet Shop

    I definitely agree to that ben

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